World Cup Ski Jump "Vogtland Arena"_wins 5 international awards

Klingenthal/ Germany

UK “Sport and Leisure Architect of the Year Award”_Highly Commended
Best Architects 07
BEX AWARD_Best Innovation
BEX AWARD_Best Design and use of Technology
“Deutscher Stahlbaupreis”_Recommendation
Just before Christmas 2005; 9000 spectators joint a first very successful test and unofficial opening of the “Vogtland Arena”. Since then many national teams like Czech Republic, Austria, Norway and Germany used the facility to practice for the upcoming Olympics. The current record is held at 140m. The first official competition took place on 25th February 2006 with the Czech Republic Championships. The Ski Jump is designed to express the elegance and precision of the sport. The invention of lightweight materials that subsequently lead to a radical redevelopment of all skiing equipment has improved and changed the sport significantly. The design concept of the new ski jump seeks to reflect and incorporate similar advances in both technology and vision. An imaginative source of light appears to float some 35m high above the trees! The capsule forms a beacon visible from afar that will become an eye-catching landmark in the mountains. It serves as the last warm-up for the athletes before their jump and also introduces a new visitor attraction, providing an impressive panoramic view of the Vogtland. To express the lightness of the “in-run”, a truss spans free all the way from ground to the top of the tower. The sportsman’s lounge is designed in an aluminium sandwich cladding similar to that used in an aeroplane. The capsule is a 9m cantilever tied back with rods on to the staircase. Both form a structural balance and reduce material. One main column, constructed as a trussed girder supports all the functional components. These include the “in-run”, the lounge for the athletes, together with the scenic lift and staircase. All secondary functions on the ground such as mechanical rooms, plant rooms or ski depot, are situated below the ground. Ski jumping is a sport that combines skill, elegance and excitement, performed amid spectacular outdoor vistas. The arena should reflect all these characteristics and become the new symbol of the Vogtland. Client: Landratsamt Vogtlandkreis Team: Structural engineers/ Arup Düsseldorf