We are a international studio, which seeks to express our design philosophy through the creation of an architecture of integrity and substance. Our goals are:

– creative ideas
– visionary concepts
– future orientated architecture
– professional management

Our strength lies in a rigorous approach to project analysis, design development and realisation of built form. As a consequence, the goals of our clients can be married successfully to the contem-porary design philosophy, which underpins our work. At the beginning of the 21st century we believe that as architects we have an obligation to develop forward looking technological and ecological systems, which create buildings appropriate to both today, and tomorrow. The lifespan of a building imposes a high responsibility on its designers, requiring integrated teamwork between architects, engineers and specialists of all disciplines. As architects we have a co-ordinating responsibility to ensure that this inte-gration of knowledge is managed and directed to the best advantage of our clients and their projects.

m2r offers a full architectural service with special expertise in:

– Sport and leisure facilities
– Public art and exhibition venues
– Tailor-made residential buildings
– Conversion of listed buildings
– Commercial buildings
– Retail facilities, concept design and roll out programs
– Urban developments and master planning