National Contemporary Art Centre 2nd Prize

Carlow/ Ireland

Along the Avenue leading to Carlow College, Visual will unfold itself to form a dynamic and contemporary last piece in a cultural triangle across from the Cathedral of the Assumptions. An appropriate scale has been sought by creating a dominating translucent structure, which is penetrated by smaller volumes. The different elements are articulated in their own materials. A theatre for Arts is envisioned, where a landscape of galleries and platforms step downwards and outwards, merging with its surroundings.

The creation of platforms and walkways in and around the Galleries is meant to open up the space not just to its art but also to the process of art, be it installation and changing of exhibitions, or interactivity through part taking in the making of art as a learning process for the public. It must be of the utmost importance to create an environment for Art at Visual that both allows for great flexibility in the use of spaces for the artists, at the same time as it is inviting to the public and make the experience and exposure of art enhanced through its environment. Good architecture plays an important role in bringing people and art together, but also to successfully integrate the art centre at Carlow with its existing fabric.

Throughout this design process it has been important to both maintain a clear connections with the site, both from the inside and outside, as well as creating a clear hierarchy of spaces within the centre that supports both the artists working and exhibiting their work, as well as the public that will come to experience it. It is therefore the intention to propose a building reflective of our time, which can take on the challenges of hosting and exposing the artists of the future.

Visualisation/ Rock Hunter