Judges Tower

Klingenthal/ Germany

With the exception of the “Inrun” construction, the judges tower is the most prominent building encompassed within a ski jump arena. The sloping curve followed by the ski jumpers whilst executing their jump, effects the position off all essential functions inside the judges tower. This includes, for example, individual cabins for the jury members that are designed to ensure that each member has exactly the same uninterrupted view of the jumpers, irrespective of which cabin they might occupy. The design proposes a long, compact, cylindrical volume, seemingly floating above the slope and facing the take off platform. The cylindrical tube corresponds in shape and material with the flying capsule of the “Inrun”. Skeletal pillars lift up the tube into the air expressing its lightness and providing the perfect position and distance to view the athletes. Due to large covered terraces integrated into the building both the media and jury members view the event from the same vantage point. This will provide an ideal and unsurpassed medium for high quality media coverage. During the competition spectators will also be accommodated on the large covered terraces. The building is concentrating a variety of integral functions at one place, rather than having separate containers spread out in the landscape. In addition to introducing improvements in operating efficiency and quality, this enabled changes to the existing environment to be minimised, thereby reducing any adverse effect on the local terrain. The jury tower is the connecting element between the viewing areas for spectators in the valley and the “Inrun” on the top of the mountain. It is one of the important elements to form an architectural ensemble. Compared to a traditional judges tower, the tube shows a minimised envelope and reduced overall area of circulation.

Client: Landratsamt Vogtlandkreis Team: Structural engineers/ Arup Düsseldorf