INOR Business City

Kiev/ Ukraine

The new “INOR Business City” is located in central Kiev between Horkoho, Zhylianska and Volodymyrska Street. The Business City accommodates about 250,000m&sup2 floor space. The architectural design is expected to meet highest international standards in terms of modern city planning, architectural style, as well as economical, technical and functional requirements. The urban fabric of central Kiev is based on a rectangular street pattern with city blocks. The actual city block between Horkoho, Zhylianska and Volodymyrska Street and all the surrounding blocks in the neighbourhood are very fragmented. The blocks are very diverse in terms of architectural style, building size and mix of uses. In the close neighbourhood we can find dominating high-rise buildings, some already build some at planning stage.Successful Business Cities celebrates a new “Urban Lifestyle” by combining a wide mix of uses like working, living, shopping, bars, restaurant, sport and leisure and thereby buzzing for 24-h. Modern Business districts announce themselves proudly afar by a land mark building, shaping the skyline with an architectural beacon. Rather than building solitaires within a courtyard, the architectural concept proposes a continues Mall between Horkoho and Volodymyrska Street. The buildings are connected with a big glass roof, creating protected high quality spaces and a centre plaza. The first two floors will accommodate public functions for the benefit of the entire area. A new commercial centre in Kiev will be created, attracting all kinds of costumers. The building volumes are carefully placed on site, formulating distinctive entrances and address to the Business City. The tallest buildings, twin towers of 160m height are placed behind an historic building on Horkoho Street. Together with the historic building, they will create a dramatic main entrance. The “Twin Towers” aspire to become a new urban landmark and contemporary symbol for Kiev’s skyline.
Client: INOR