Horkoho Tower

Kiev, Ukraine

The Horkoho Tower is a spec. office building to feed Kiev’s ever-growing demand for high quality office space. The site is located right in the centre of Kiev’s new business district. The office tower accommodates 26 floors of office space including a conference centre, restaurants, a sky bar and retail on the ground floor. With the world’s growing climate problem and ever increasing energy prices, our goal was to design a project that reduces its energy consumption by over 50% compared to current buildings in the Ukraine. The design reflects the environment�s very specific climate with temperatures falling to minus 30 degrees. In climate zones like Kiev, buildings are most energy efficient, if not more than 60% of the façade is build in glass. We therefore developed each façade to a specific energy performance. The plant units are integrated into the façade systems saving valuable space within the central core. This provides great flexibility for the user and each office can regulate its own microclimate, rather than having a “heavyweight” air-condition system for the entire building usually difficult to regulate. All Parameters have influenced the development process leading to a bespoke design solution. The tower will set new standards for Kiev’s office market.
Client: New Horizon Property Service Ltd.