Ski Jump and Leisure Park

Nizhny Novgorod/ Russia

The proposed Ski Arena will undoubtedly catapult Nizhny Novgorod up the league of the world’s finest multi flexible ski stadiums.
Ski jumping and cross-country skiing events can be compared to Formula One and will attract vast crowds of spectators and media attention. The stadium is designed as a comprehensive training facility for the Sochi 2014 Olympics and will also provide Nizhny Novgorod with an excellent stadium to host future large winter sport events. The stadium at the bottom of the hill is shaped to provide excellent views to both events the cross-country skiing and the ski jumping. The stadium is gently embedded in the landscape creating a harmony with its neighboring sport and leisure complex. The entrance to the stadium is from a main plaza, which connects all entrances from hotel, leisure park and ski stadium. A cantilevered glass roof, extending from the visitor area, presents a spectacular entrance to the stadium. In the centre of the main plaza is a building functioning as the main ticket office for both the local ski club and a ski museum. Once inside the stadium, the visitor will benefit from great spectator stands to enjoy a captivating atmosphere. Under the roof are the reporter cabins and a restaurant providing food and entertainment. Out of the stadium leads a 2, 5 km cross-country track which will provide exciting cross-country races. Cross-country skiing is a sport integral with nature; most of the spectators will go into the forest to see the action live. On their way, they will pass the stadium with large video screens and views into the warm-up areas explaining the preparation in progress. The visitors walk along the equivalent to the formula one "pit lane", each team with its own "garage" below the seating areas. This enables interaction between athletes and visitors to be further reinforced. The track is deliberately landscaped in such a way that parts of the track are visible from the stadium. The ski jumps themselves will become the most modern ski hills in the world. Together with the FIS we will develop the best ski jumping profiles and build lightweight structures, which will cost very little, but look elegant in the landscape. For the profiles we recommend the following sizes: (K 125m; K 95m; K 60m and K 45m). These reflect the latest trends in ski jumping making sure they are fine competition and training facilities. The ski jumps will be used in both summer and winter. In the summer there will be a ceramic in-run track and plastic mats on the landing slope. Together with the provision of a fine water film, this will guarantee an all season centre of ski jumping excellence. There will be 2 judges’ towers. One combined tower for the 2 bigger jumps and a further one for the 2 smaller ones. The athletes’ camp for the ski jumpers is at the top of the hill, next to the entrance to the ski jumps. This athletes’ camp will be an exciting point of interest for visitors arriving out of the city. There will be a lift between the ski jumps with a drop-off point at the smaller ski jumps and top exit near the entrances of the main ski jumps. The Media compound is located behind the stadium, easily accessible from the street and in close proximity to the reporter cabins. The stadium will also be used in the summer for big open air concerts, football matches and summer athletics. Nizhny Novgorod has a long tradition in ski jumping and cross-country skiing. If this ski and leisure complex is built as proposed, Nizhny Novgorod will have one of the best sports arena facilities in the world.
Team: Careyjones