Germany/ Hamburg
Stilwerk Studios

Hamburg-Altona is part of the former harbour and the up and coming area of Hamburg. One of the most well known music-clubs the “Hafenklang” is located on the site and shall remain due to its famous tradition. The new design proposes a mixed-use scheme of 34 artist studios as “work and live” units and 24 high-end apartments. Preserving the existing Club requires a special free spanning structure of 30 m.

The studios are accommodated in the two lower volumes. The entrance hall is connected to a gallery, presenting the work of the artists. A new plaza develops beneath the floating structure providing additional external exhibition space. A multi-storey building contains high-end apartments, each designed to have unspoiled views and balconies towards the river “Elbe” and the city. At the highest point a Sky bar overlooks the largest international port of Hamburg.

Client: Stilwerk AG
Structural engineer: Weischede, Herrmann + Partner
Fire consultant: Wagner Gebäudetechnik