Ukraine/ Kiev
Privat Residence Lazutenkov

The challenge of this site is that sunlight and the main views are in opposite directions. The shape of the house reacts to this special condition, guaranteeing for both, the right amount of daylight according to the function of each room and perfect views overlooking the countryside.

Facing towards north the site requires a special solution in terms of position and shape. Following the counters of the hill, a Z-shaped slender body sits on top of a pedestal in order to gain as much daylight as possible. The house will complement the sloping site and blend into its surroundings. Natural materials and sensitive landscaping will enhance the feeling of living in the nature.

The base of the house, consists of natural recessed stonewalls accommodating functions like a shooting range, fitness zone, wine cellar, garages …

The floating volume above contains all private functions and staterooms accompanied by huge terraces. The swimming pool is on the same level benefiting from sunlight and spectacular views.

Client: Mr. & Mrs. Lazutenkov